Shabby Chic Magnets

Using metal garden markers and odd and ends I whipped up cute magnets for girl’s room. Used E-6000 and jewelry beads, charms, and ribbons to make the magnet.

shabby chic magnetsOver time I gathered closeout charms, ribbon, and odds and ends which I stored until I would use them.  When I found the metal garden markers I new I could turn them into shabby chic magnets for teen rooms.

jewelry glue magnet

Shabby chic magnets can work up in no time.  The girls (tween) did these.

Love the FrenchFrench magnet was a big hit.

Shabby chic magnet

Scrape book items are items that can work up cute shabby chic magnets

Jewel and skull beadsFor this magnet I used jewels and peal stickers.

Love magnetThe girls loved the keys and all of them had to use them in their magnets

shabby chic magnetHere we used felt flowers and pink elephants.  Jessie had to have the letter J on her magnet.

metal girls magnet One of a kind shabby chic magnets can be made from garden metal markers and odd and ends of jewelry and charms you have laying around. E-6000 works really well for attaching them to the metal.


magnet shabby chic

Shabby chic metal magnet


Metal magnet

shabby chic magnet grow



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Feathers and candy egg invitation

An invite for a party using feathers, bird die cut and candy eggs. The theme was spring time.  We centered the party around a lunch outside.  We also made table decorations with bird nest to take home.

spring feather inviteUsed a bag of candy eggs and feathers can make a quick invite to a spring party

birds and feathers


Found fancy feathers to add drama and printed the invite on cardstock which was attached to the bag filled eggs.

Fancy feathersFor a quick and cute invitation for a spring outdoor party use feathers and candy eggs . You could also place the bags of eggs and feathers at the table for a party favor.





Eggs and feathers

feathers invite to flock for spring party




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Treasure map invite for a party

Treasure map invite for a party can be worked up for little cost and a little time.  This can be used for boy or girl.

invite treasure huntUse a Sunday ice cream container and sand to make a invite for a treasure hunting party.  Take a mini treasure chest and place the information for the party inside . Place the chest inside the ice cream container pouring sand inside covering the chest.  Pour a little pink sand on top of the white sand.           Treasure chest

After the sand added a dig here sign.  Placed mini starfish on top with cocktail umbrella. Close the top and pass out. kids loved the digging for the invite and finding the message and a golden egg. All the kids showed up ready to hunt for treasure.






bury the chest



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Pig Wands for a Party Favor

Quick and easy pig wand can be made out of a coin purse which can be used as a birthday party favor and decoration.

 Coin Pig WandsI took a few items and made coin purse pig wands.   Covered a wood dowel with pink tape.  Next, I used a paper  doily  which I stuck the stick thru a hole punch in the center.  I added a cupcake liner and shiny material that I cut into  circles.  Also,a feather like boa was used as the last item before adding the pig.   The pig had an ad printed on the side which I  removed with finger nail polish.

Few items needed to make a pig wandI also added a blue shiny stone to the side of the pig.

Wand for a pig birthday party

Lastly I added ribbon and pink tulle to the wands.  The girls loved the wands made from the pig coin purse and they made great decoration for the center of the birthday table.

A few things that can be used to make a coin wands

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Golf Party Decoration Ideas

 Golf party decoration can be quickly put together.

table decorationYou can make fortune golf balls for the party.


Slit the golf balls and placed fortunes inside that such as , you will find the sand your friend, or putt to the right .

party golf banner

Golf PAR-TEE banner made from scrapbook items.   Quick and easy favor for a partyFavors for a party using golf tees. Boys will like the golf decorations for a party.

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Queen For the Day Birthday card

Birthday card that can be turned into a crown

Queen for the day birthday card is a card and a crown for the birthday girl to wear.  Cut a crown shape out of heavy paper. Stencils  were placed on the crown and spray ink across  the crown.

Using a fringe cutter on  orange crepe paper to create a fringe border for the bottom of the crown.

Used a happy birthday punch to cut out the border above the crepe paper.  In the center of the crown  place a flower with crepe paper around the  flower.

On the top place a punched butterfly and a banner with the word Queen stamped on it.

card to crown

The inside of the card made a happy birthday ribbon. At the end of the crown punch two holes and add ribbon.

Folded the card and sign.

Crown birthday wish

Queen for the day birthday card is a fun way to wish someone a happy birthda

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Christmas Reindeer card

Quick easy card for Christmas

Christmas deer card was a easy card to whip up.   Embossed Christmas words on red paper.  Cut Christmas paper  oblong and in a flag shape.  Cut two round shaped circles and edged.  Used wooden circles and red berry stickers. Ran red ink over the embossed Christmas words.  Used gathered red paper to place the metal deer on.

For the deer I used a metal deer.  Placed the card into a lunch bag that I stamped with Merry Christmas.  Tied a ribbon around the bag and used a  pinecone sticker on.

simple christmas card

Deer card for Christmas

 Christmas deer card can be whipped up fast and easy.




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My little Pony Birthday Favors Hanging Basket Decoration

Little pony birthday party favor can be displayed in a hanging basket that can be used as a party decoration.


little Pony decor for birthday

I took a simple wire basket that I bought for a couple of dollars after Christmas.  First I filled it with tissue paper and worked up some little pony wands which I placed inside of the basket.  I picked up few gift ribbons from the dollar store that I placed around the wands.  I placed few fairies in the basket and had unicorn for the center of the basket.  I placed a crown in front of the basket and hung a happy birthday garland on the front.


turn wire basket into a birthday decoration

 I found some balloon holders at a party store that I used to make the little pony wands.


Using a balloon holder  pony wand can be worked up quickly

The little pony fit right into the top the balloon holder without falling out .  Added  a gift ribbon to the wand.


 I hung the basket on the door for the birthday party for decoration which after each child was allowed to pick out  little pony wand as a favor.

Birthday garland little pony

The garland was made from punches and sticker letters.

tag for a birthday party The young girls just loved the little pony wands and the party was a hit with the Birthday girl.

My little pony wand

 With a few items the little pony  wands were quick to work up and the hit of the party.  They became favors and decorations for the birthday party.



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Love Bugs for Valentine craft that can be a favor.

paper lanterns love bugsLove Bugs for Valentines can be made using paper lanterns and doilies. Love bugs  can be used as favors for little treats.

They can be made quickly using a hot glue gun.


Before you glue the paper lanterns to the doilies throw a little Valentine treat inside and the love bugs becomes a favor.

Punches and doilies can turn a paper lantern into a love bug

Take a paper lantern and glue it to a paper doilie .  Next pipe stems became antennas. Heart punch was used for face and wings.  The love bug had cupcake liner hot glued on the front for the face.  Next I placed a heart over the cupcake liner then using a conner  punch I made the top of the face.

love bugs for valentines

Love Bugs can be made quickly using paper lanterns. You can also turn the love bugs into Valentine favor bugs.

Craft love bug favor




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Duck Dynasty Birthday Decorations

Duck Dynasty birthday decorations can be whipped up in a matter of minutes.

make party with duck dynasty

We used army ducks and a big round carton that we turned into a tnt can for decoration.  We put targets on stuff alligators .  For duck dynasty blow outs we took brown cardstock and cut them in the shape of a beard. We placed a blow out at the top.  We wrote BEARDS  RULE on the cardstock.

Whistle craft for duck dynasty

Duck call craft for a duck dynasty party.  Found unfinished duck whistles that they painted and added eyes.

Target on my back


cup for duck dynasty


 Got paper cups  and placed an arrow made from a straw at the top of the cup.  On the side of the cup placed the target that states ” In Coming! Duck!

duck dynasty party


Duck dynasty beards rule

Duck dynasty birthday garland

Using duct tape and quotes from duck dynasty I  made a birthday garland. In the center of the garland I hung a sign that stated ” It’s my birthday  and I’ll quack!

Duck dynasty  can be a theme for a party that can be worked up in no time and with a little creative juice for not much money.

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